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Ruthie Lindsey- Beauty in Brokenness In her senior year of high school, St. Francisville, La. native Ruthie Lindsey pulled out in front of an ambulance which hit her driver side...

Ruthie Lindsey- Beauty in Brokenness

In her senior year of high school, St. Francisville, La. native Ruthie Lindsey pulled out in front of an ambulance which hit her driver side at 65 miles-per-hour. She suffered three broken ribs, a punctured lung, ruptured spleen, and broke the top two vertebrae in her neck. Her survival rate was at five percent with a one percent chance she’d ever walk again. After several years and seemingly making a full recovery, she began to have severe pain again. She then had to have a one-of-a-kind surgery to remove a wire in her spinal cord which had pierced through her brain stem. After five years of bed rest, surgery, and recovery she was still in pain, but now very active and feeling fully alive. She took the stress of her situation and chose to take on an outlook of gratitude and celebrate it through creative home design and styling.

She discovered her talent of decorating during the time of her second spinal cord surgery. With the surgery came paralysis risks, and if that was the case, Ruthie would be spending a lot of time in her home. Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst, Ruthie took a look at her home, room by room, and began to play with style, color, and texture.

“I lived in my bed for four to five years before my second surgery. My house was my respite. I wanted it to reflect my style, to feel warm and welcoming. In fact, I watched American Pickers a lot when I was on bed rest. I love treasure hunting. Mike and Frank’s energy is so sweet and kind! As much as they care and love the people that they pick with on the show, I want people to feel the same way about me.”

You can see her home here in this most recent photo session she did for an upcoming collaboration with Warfield Supply at her home in East Nashville, TN.

Ruthie's home
Ruth’s home shot by Ashtin Paige for Warfield Supply

Each piece in Ruthie’s East Nashville home has a story, and she brings that same concept when designing for a client making sure each detail reflects happiness, warmth, and loveliness. “Honestly, I want my home to feel like a great big hug when they walk through my front door.” Ruthie says. “Personalization is a great way to do that. When I host a dinner party, I may put a quote on the back of each name card that reflects the person. If a client or guest is named after someone like their Grandma and she collected milk glass, let’s reflect that. Everything means something. Decorate with intent and meaning and precious detail.”

Ruth's home shot for
Ruth’s home shot by Ashtin Paige for Warfield Supply


Her business began in 2013 a ten year relationship ended and she needed to figure out how to pay her bills. People took notice of Ruthie’s charming style, including Taylor Swift, and immediately began hiring her to host parties and style their homes and events. At this point, Ruthie had zero training, schooling, or noteworthy experience but her business continued to grow quickly.

Ruthie attributes her quick rise of success to collaboration and community. “My friends make me better, and they believed in me when I didn’t, and I want to do that for others. My creative strength is connecting people’s gifts and talents with each other. Nashville has the most collaborative spirit. I’ve worked on both coasts and neither can compare with Nashville. It’s everything to me.” Instagram (follow @ruthielindsey) has also been a great platform for Ruthie. She is able to work with lots of brands and companies, showing how she would wear and style their product and documenting life style brands.

Here you can see a sample of Ruthie’s unique eye for creating a comfortable and beautiful event atmosphere.

Ruthie Lyndsey design
Ruthie’s Event Design

Her words of encouragement to all creative hopefuls? “Say ‘yes’ to projects that scare you! They are the most rewarding and most life giving. Be someone that people wanna be around. I want people to feel cared for, loved, and seen. Surround yourself with encouraging friends with like-minded passions. Every job is a gift. Always stay in that state of mind.”

Ruthie's interior design work
Ruthie’s design work

Her kind spirit and humble yet passionate nature make you want to welcome her into your life. Her amazing eye for style will have you calling her to design your home, and every party you will ever have.

For more on Ruthie’s home and style, follow her on Instagram and Twitter. For contact information visit her website here.

Ashtin Paige for Warfield Supply

Thank you to Ashtin Paige shooting for Warfield Supply for the photos of Ruthie’s home.

Other photos by Beth Kirby of Local Milk, Reid Rolls, Sionne, and Tiffany Mitchell.

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